Searching for beautiful Antique Catholic Treasures? From Antique Crucifixes and Antique Crosses to Antique Holy Water Fonts, Antique Rosaries and Antique Chalkware Sculptures, you'll find something special at EuroLux Antiques.

Finding New Homes for Antique Crucifixes

Here at EuroLux Antiques, we are often asked where we find our Antique Catholic Treasures. Our Antique Crucifixes, Antique Crosses, and Antique Chalkware are hand-selected from antique markets across Belgium and France. Sometimes Cathedrals must close due to changing local demographics and a shrinking membership base. Cathedral representatives hire antique dealers to come in and clear out the important items, and this network of specialized antique dealers is our source for many of our Catholic Antiques. We see this unique trade as a way for us to help find new and loving homes for these beautiful, and often well-worn, Religious Antiques.

Antique Crosses Make Personal, Inspirational Gifts

Antique Crosses, Antique Holy Water Fonts, and Antique Chalkware Sculptures make very personal and thoughtful gifts for most of life’s events: the birth of a new baby, a child’s First Communion, the joyous occasion of a wedding, or the grief of bereavement. Antique Crucifixes and Antique Crosses placed next to a bedside prior to surgery or during recovery can provide peace and hope during a difficult time. Antique Chalkware Sculptures of Patron Saints can be sent to a friend or a family member that needs encouragement or for a birthday gift. Couldn’t we all use a little help from Saint Rita, the Patron Saint of Impossible Causes? Perhaps an Antique Chalkware Saint Teresa would help us to remember that when life gets tough and overwhelming, it’s all about St. Theresa’s Little Way, the small steps taken in devotion that lead to a life spent in service to God.

We carry a very large selection of Antique Crosses, Antique Crucifixes, and Antique Chalkware at EuroLux Antiques. While we love all manner of antiques, we find our Catholic Antiques to be especially beautiful and special because they have played such a personal and spiritual role in the lives of their previous owners. We love that we are helping to connect these Antique Religious items with new owners that will care for them for the next generation.

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