Looking for lovely Antique Candelabras or Antique Candlesticks? Create a striking table centerpiece with our Vintage Candelabras, Candlesticks and Candleholders. We bring Europe home to you!

The Appeal of Antique Candelabras

There is something uniquely satisfying about knowing that the candelabra lighting your home has lit the lives of generations of families before yours. EuroLux Antiques has pieced together a collection of finely crafted antique and vintage candelabras and candlesticks from across Europe. From delicately etched and naturally worn brass candleholders, to ornately cast pairs of Rococo Louis XV candlesticks, our Gallery offers a variety of antique and vintage lighting suitable for every home.

Antique Candlesticks: A Decorating Mainstay

Candlesticks have survived long past the invention of electric lighting because they offer an ambiance and glow that can be achieved by no other source. Vintage candelabras can be graceful and simple, or they can be profusely ornamented with multiple arms of varying size and reach. Materials from which antique candlesticks are made include glass, porcelain, brass, silver and other precious and common metals.

Creative designers have found that antique and vintage candleholders can be used in nearly every room in the house: dining rooms, dens and libraries -- even master baths. Any spot in need of warmth and soft light is the perfect spot for an antique candelabra or vintage candlestick.

Breadth of Manufacture of Antique Candelabras and Candleholders

While the most delicately designed antique and vintage candlesticks are crafted from silver, less expensive renditions can be found in pewter, ceramic and other materials.

Waterford is, of course, famous for its cut glass and the company produced beautiful examples of antique candlesticks. More common moulded-glass vintage candlesticks can also be quite impressive, and are less costly than their crystal cousins.

An 1837 list of tariff rates imposed on American merchant ships includes candlesticks made of alabaster, bone, bronze, gold and tin as well as candlesticks which have been "japanned" and "washed." Samples of these antique candleholders are still available today, and at EuroLux Antiques we have made it our mission to find them.

Universal Appeal of Antique Candelabras and Vintage Candlesticks

Vintage lighting appeals to a larger class of collectors than many other types of antiques. Those who can't afford - or simply can't use - a piece of antique furniture, for instance, can easily buy and enjoy antique and vintage candlesticks and candelabras. Investing in antique candlesticks does not require the research and education required for more substantially sized and priced collectibles. The one true requirement when purchasing antique and vintage candelabras, candlesticks and candleholders is that you simply love the piece.

Please browse our gallery and contact us if you are looking for a specific style or size of antique candelabra or candleholder. EuroLux Antiques - we bring Europe home to you!