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Appeal of Antique Art

Most of us can name a handful of famous artists, but the truth is that there are far more unknown artists whose beautiful oil paintings, watercolors, pastels and prints still survive. The value of antique art truly is in the eye of the beholder, and an artist's notoriety (or lack thereof) has no bearing on his talent. The only thing that matters when searching for antique art is that it appeals to you.

Definitions of Key Terms

When shopping for antique art it is beneficial to understand certain often-used terms. A "print" is a copy authorized by and created under the auspices of the original artist. A "lithograph" is a copy of an original work that is also authorized by the original artist, but not necessarily created by him or her. "Oil paintings" typically refer to those pieces of antique art painted using pigments bound with linseed oil. "Pastels" refer to vintage wall art created with sticks made of pure, powdered pigment and a binding agent. "Watercolors" are painted with water soluble pigments and antique examples can be found on canvas, wood and even leather.

Vintage Wall Art

Mid-20th century vintage wall art can be both lovely to look at and easy on the wallet. Subject matter ranges from traditional water scenes and florals, to landscapes of French villages and studies of groups of children. Perhaps the greatest appeal of vintage wall art is the uniqueness: these are one-of-a-kind pieces, not mass produced art that your friends and neighbors might also own.

Antique Art Frames

Almost as beautiful as the antique art pieces themselves are the hand-crafted wood frames in which they are displayed. Whether carved, simple, or gilded -- the frames holding vintage wall art are often masterpieces in themselves. Like antique art, they reflect changing periods and tastes. It is important to consider the decorative impact of the frame when shopping for vintage wall art.

How to Choose Vintage Wall Art

There is only one rule to remember when purchasing antique art: buy what you love. Art is perhaps the most personal item you will even invest in. Browse our selection of antique and vintage wall art and look for the piece that speaks to you. We have pulled together a fine selection of antique art from France, Germany, England and elsewhere for your shopping enjoyment.

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